The Trailer Shoppe Becomes Newest Polar King Mobile Dealer

Polar King Mobile (PKM) announces that The Trailer Shoppe LLC has become a dealer representing North America’s first affordable small refrigerated trailer solution, according to Christian Aitken, PKM Executive Vice President.

“The Trailer Shoppe based in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, has been in business since 2004 and serves a variety of customers within a 100-mile radius of Reading,” says Aitken. “The company provides trailer equipment and services.”

Carl Martin, owner of the Trailer Shoppe says, “We have all sizes of trailers so customers can rent or lease the one that best meets their refrigeration needs. Our trailers come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 8’ to 12’ that can be pulled with a half-ton pickup, 20’ to 40’ containers and up to 18’ wheel trailers.”

These Polar King Mobile products will be the perfect product offering for a growing demand for refrigeration trailer units, according to Martin.

“Carrying the Polar King Mobile line will help us serve our customers with easy-to-use refrigeration systems for either coolers or freezers,” continues Martin. “We were looking for a bumper pull-type trailer that has great insulating qualities and a refrigeration system that can handle frozen temperatures on 120 volts. We have a lot of customers who have a need for this and are excited to get these in their hands.”

Polar King Mobile 110V refrigerated trailers are designed and engineered specifically for outdoor and over the road use. Polar King’s 100 percent seamless fiberglass design provides a continuous surface with rounded insulated corners to promote a sanitary environment. The durable, NSF-approved non-slip flooring system greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls. Since the unit is completely seamless, it can quickly be cleaned with a hose and there’s no risk of damage to the insulation.  According to Polar King Mobile, the unit will look factory new with regular care and cleaning.

PKM does not sell direct to the public. Aitken explains, “We are creating a national network of value added resellers by recruiting the best trailer distributors from the North American Trailer Dealers Association.” He adds, “A national network that includes dealers such as Refrigeration Depot will provide the underpinning for fast, professional and knowledgeable customer service.”

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