Photo Courtesy of The Roscoe NY Beer Co.

Craft beer enthusiasts across America continue to flock to the ever-growing number of regional breweries in hopes of tasting a variety of libations brewed within feet of where they are dispensed. It only makes sense for breweries to take advantage of the latest in beer technology to educate their guests on the ingredients and inspiration behind the beers as they taste them. PourMyBeer is the technology behind this evolution in the hospitality industry. While the majority of their customer base consists of bars, restaurants and hotels, breweries are recognizing the value in their very own self-serve beer systems. They recognize that it is difficult in a busy environment to speak to every guest about their different beers. This technology allows customers to read about the beers as they sample them by the ounce. Customers pour and pay by the ounce, so they can taste six different beers without having to purchase 96 ounces (6 beers x 16 ounces).


What’s up for grabs?


We want to announce a once in a lifetime Brewpertunity. A contest that literally will change your business and quite possibly your life, a contest that we can’t believe is real, but it is, so strap on your seatbelt, put on a helmet and prepare to put together your best 100-200 words to potentially win this prize. One lucky Brewery will receive a state-of-the-art $10,000 self-serve beer system from PourMyBeer. The winner will receive a 4 tap self-serve beer kit, minus the actual beer equipment — faucets, beerlines, gas, etc. The software and hardware included will allow you to safely and responsibly dispense four different beers through either pre-loaded RFID beer cards or your customers can open a tab for their group and pay for what they have consumed at the end of the night through the beer card.


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