Muntons Employee Retires After 50 Years’ Continuous Service

When Keith Riches joined Muntons on the 3rd April 1967 as a Quality Control Laboratory Analyst, few, including Keith himself, would have anticipated that he would stay with the company for fifty years.  A rare occurrence in this day and age.

Back in April 1967 Engelbert Humperdinck was topping the charts with ‘Release me.’ It was still two years before Man walked on the moon and the Concorde made its maiden flight.  Keith’s starting salary was £4 10/- per week, (that’s £4.50 in today’s money).   But then a Mars bar was less than 3p and the average cost of a house was less than £3,000.

During the course of his career Keith progressed to his current position as QC Laboratory Team Leader in Muntons busy laboratory, where thousands of samples are tested each year. Vital in ensuring that raw materials purchased and products sold meet exacting specifications.

Upon reaching his fifty-year service milestone Keith commented: “People say that this is a real achievement but to me there was just no reason to leave.  The time has flown past, particularly the last couple of years, and whilst I am looking forward to retirement I will miss the job.”  He continued: “One thing I won’t miss is the bicycle journey to work and back every day – particularly when it’s pouring down.”

Nigel Davies, Manufacturing and Sustainability Director, said: “Keith’s achievement is remarkable. He has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has been able to use to guide our analytical performance to a high level. His cycling to work is well known and in my estimation Keith has in his 50 years ridden the equivalent of around 4 times around the world just coming to and from work! We wish him a very long, happy and enjoyable retirement.”

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