LJ Star Announces New VISULEX HD Cameras for Industrial-Grade Process Viewing in Explosive Environments

LJ Star announces new VISULEX High-Definition Cameras K55-HD-Ex and K55-4K-Ex, designed for efficient process viewing in challenging explosive environments.

LJ Star’s new VISULEX HD Cameras, part of its Lumiglas® product line, provide a more reliable process monitoring solution for dangerous industrial environments while providing a high image quality, easy remote monitoring and enhanced durability. Built for industrial image processing, these 316 stainless steel cameras can hold up to the demanding conditions of chemical and petrochemical applications, biogas production and other potentially explosive environments.

Both VISULEX HD Cameras offer enhanced process viewing with continuous, high-resolution 4K imaging. Using Power-over-Ethernet, operators can view live images from a standard PC or notebook without the need for additional software or supply lines. Camera images are also easily integrated into existing visualization software for efficient process monitoring.

Camera installation is fast and simple, requiring only an Ethernet cable for set up. Since there are minimal wiring requirements, maintenance and upkeep of the camera are also streamlined, enabling more operator free time for other tasks.

VISULEX HD Cameras have a fixed lens design, meaning the lens is permanently adjusted to a determined viewing window. This mitigates the chance of a misaligned view caused by someone bumping into the camera or putting the view out of alignment during maintenance.

The stainless steel housing of the VISULEX HD Cameras also offers enhanced corrosion and sealing, allowing them to withstand harsh industrial and chemical conditions. Standard models are rated for ambient operating temperatures between 0°C and +40°C.

Manufactured to the highest industrial standards, VISULEX HD Cameras K55-HD-Ex and K55-4K-Ex are ATEX certified and fulfill the requirements of European Directive 2014/34/EU. Both models are approved for Ex zones 1 and 2, as well as zones 21 and 22.

Full product specifications, further details and third-party documentation of standards compliance and product performance are available at https://www.ljstar.com/product-line/visulex-high-definition-camera, via email at info@ljstar.com or by calling 330-405-3040.

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