Iron Heart Canning Expands Co-Packing Abilities

Craft Beer is not the only focus of Iron Heart. Over the years Iron Heart has become a team comprised of prominent industry leaders and operational experts. Thanks to this team, they have been able to expand their co-packing network through securing partnerships with additional production facilities and installing higher throughput abilities.

In addition to now operating more than 75 mobile canning lines across 28 locations, providing beverage packaging services throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Southeast, and the Midwest, Iron Heart has also built a substantial co-packing network allowing them to offer contract manufacturing of many other craft beverages including wine, ready to drink cocktails, coffees, seltzers, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

“We wanted to grow with the beverage industry,” said Tyler Wille, founder and CEO of Iron Heart Canning. “While craft beer will always be our main service area, we want to make sure that other craft beverages had access to the same quality mobile canning opportunities that we offer.”

Iron Heart Canning prides themselves on the work that they do, the value that they provide to their customers, and the businesses that they represent. Iron Heart is committed to bringing quality and value to their clients with:

  • Skilled, Highly Trained Operators
  • Seam Integrity 100% guaranteed.
  • Low DO with Advanced Filling Techniques
  • High Standards of Quality Control
  • Laboratory Capabilities for Microbiological Inspection

To learn more about Iron Heart Canning, please visit their website at

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