Brooklyn Cider House Launches New Ciders; Collab with Indian Ladder Farms

Natural hard cidermaker Peter Yi of Brooklyn Cider House at Twin Star Orchards in New Paltz, NY has just released his first cider collaboration with another New York state cidery, Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, NY. Named Two Terroirs for the two cideries’ different orchards’ soil types, this limited edition cider also marks the reunion of two old friends, cidermaker Peter Yi of Brooklyn Cider House and Stuart Morris of Indian Ladder Farms, who both worked in the wine industry before turning to cider. The two lost touch over the years and only recently reconnected through their ciders – much to their surprise and delight!

The 50/50 blend Two Terroirs brings together apples from two orchards with two very different terroirs: Twin Star Orchards’ soil is rich in black slate, which imparts flintiness and minerality, while Indian Ladder Farms’ gravelly silt loam soil adds depth. This sparkling natural cider is made with heirloom cider apples: Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Ellis Bitter and Chisel Jersey. The cider has a rich undertone of minerals, beautiful acidity, bitter tannins, hints of apple skin and a long, complex finish. Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and Brewery (ILFCB) makes hard cider and beer on a 100-year-old family farm outside Albany. Brooklyn Cider House was founded by Peter Yi and his sister Susan Yi in 2014 and has been based at Twin Star Orchards in New Paltz, NY since 2015.

Brooklyn Cider House’s award-winning main line of natural hard ciders consists of Raw, Half Sour, Bone Dry, Kinda Dry and Rose (available in both bottles and cans). They just released new ciders including Little Wild, a wild-fermented cider that is aged on the lees for 6–8 months and blended with fresh-pressed cider (can only); Eternal Autumn,a small batch cider that aged on lees for 6 months; and Three of Life, a complex pet-nat cider made from the first harvest of Twin Star Orchards’ baby cider apple trees that were planted seven years ago (latter two available in bottles only). Brooklyn Cider House has also debuted new labels for the main line (bottles and cans) – a collaboration between Keya Tama, a South African artist based in Los Angeles, and Michael Hester of Pavement Design, an internationally recognized design and branding studio based in Oakland, CA. (Labels of limited release ciders are created by different artists in collaboration with founders Peter Yi and Susan Yi.)

Photo courtesy Brooklyn Cider House at Twin Star Orchards

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