The Brewer Advantage

Marketing in the brewing industry, regardless of whether you own a brewery, handle marketing for a brewery or, on the other side, handle marketing for or own a brewery supplier, can be extremely expensive and not always cost effective.

There are two things we hear and see from both sides of this great industry and that’s a struggle to know where to place marketing dollars and a quality analyzation of results.

Your company is probably bombarded with phone calls from PR Firms, Google Ad Agencies and Marketing Agencies on a regular basis. They will all promise they have a strong understand of the Brewing Industry, but when we finally come in contact with these individuals, they never seem to truly know what the client is looking for.

That’s where we at Brewer Magazine have a competitive advantage. The Brewer Advantage by Brewer Magazine understands exactly how the industry is growing, shifting and evolving, not only in your own backyard, but also throughout the entire U.S. Additionally, with a successful team that specially handles content development and marketing planning, we are better equipped to help you save money and grow your brewery or brewery-focused company.



For anyone that’s ever tried their own Public Relations you know it can be difficult to articulate your mission and even harder to get your content printed. National PR Firms don’t necessarily understand the brewing industry, though they feel due to experience it won’t be different than any other business. The Brewer Advantage knows that the brewing business is one of the most unique business concepts in our world.

With a successful team of dedicated writers and journalists, The Brewer Advantage can provide your company with a successful PR strategy that will promote your company quickly and effectively. We know how to get your company printed, uploaded and spread to consumers of your beer or equipment.

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Do you know the websites your brand is popping up on? Are you essentially spending money on a person that happened to fall into one of your Google Ad categories, but will never actually purchase your beer or supplies?

This frustration happens to almost every company. It’s simple to take out Google Ads and allow it to control where you’re seen. However, the best strategy in marketing is being purposeful. While you want as many eyes as possible, you also want highly qualified eyes. For example, focuses on reaching owners of breweries nationwide. is focused on beer consumers nationwide. Knowing how and where to put your marketing dollars can truly make a difference in your company’s growth.

The Brewer Advantage has the knowledge and ability to ensure your marketing is placed in locations to bring you the best possible return. Not only can our team assist in placing you on websites nationwide, we can also handle your Google Adwords and assist in bringing you a strong return in the market segments important to your brand.



As business owners it can be extremely difficult to be aware of all branding outlets for your brand. Social Media has been, and will continue to be, a highly discussed and effective method for branding and content sharing.

With more than a decade of experience growing brands, The Brewer Advantage team understands how to effectively build a branding strategy across multiple Social Media platforms. Additionally, our methods can be highly cost effective while also giving you the greatest ROI.

In regards to content, building your company as an expert — whether that’s as a top brewer, or the top resource for breweries — can be the key to success. Social Media platforms provide a window to showcase your knowledge and abilities to your consumers. In coordination with PR campaigns, this strategy can be highly effective.



Have you ever walked into a Barnes and Noble and looked at all the magazines on the rack? Even once you find your interest the choices are still overwhelming. The Brewing Industry is no exception and it’s vital that you have a team that understands traditional placements.

While consumer print publications have seen a decline in growth and effectiveness over the past decade, trade publications (b2b) like Brewer Magazine have shown a consistent growth and a strong ROI for the companies involved. It’s vital that you find companies that fit your specific niche as there are a lot of publications trying to be all things to all people. Remember, a focused strategy is the road to success.

Our team at The Brewer Advantage has more than four decades in understanding traditional marketing and media outlets. We have spent countless hours researching the brewing industry and its media to best understand the outlets for growing your brewing industry business.



The Brewer Advantage, a division of Brewer Magazine, was developed based on possessing resources and knowledge of business growth and development within the Brewing Industry. While marketing and content strategies are our bread and butter, The Brewer Advantage has the ability to become your company’s marketing arm, saving you money while continually growing your brand.

Our additional services include website design, maintenance and development strategy, logo branding, advertising design, direct mail campaigns, event exhibition purchasing and booth design.

Regardless of whether you’re a brewery looking to grow your brand, or a brewery supplier looking to gain more traction, The Brewer Advantage through Brewer Magazine is the ultimate resource in marketing and business development for the Brewing Industry.

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