AB Biotek Introduces New Range of Pinnacle Yeast for Brewing

AB Biotek – a global business division of AB Mauri – will introduce the expansion of its dry yeast portfolio for consumer alcohol, under the premium Pinnacle brand, for craft and home brewers located around the globe during the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference. The portfolio will be distributed in North America exclusively through Country Malt Group.

“AB Biotek and AB Mauri have quite a distinguished history in the production of both distilled spirits and wine under the Pinnacle name and other brands,” said Greg Strauss, senior vice president, AB Biotek North America. “Extending our Pinnacle Yeast lineup into brewing – as well as adding a new fermentation aid – is significant for our business because it offers today’s craft brewers a premium option to meet marketplace demand.”

The range of premium Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast solutions includes options for an English-style ale, a traditional pilsner and an American-style ale, with future offerings targeting other popular beer styles.   Each is available in 500 g bricks, 10 kg packs and 11.5 g sachets. The introduction also features a new, zinc-based beer nutrient under the BrewBoost label designed to work in concert with the three new yeast strains. Additional details for each item include:

  • Heritage English Ale – produces fruity and estery beers with clean finish, allowing malt and hop characteristics to shine
  • Heritage Pilsner – produces dry, clean and refreshingly crisp lagers with subtle, fruity aroma and a mild palate, up to 12% ABV
  • Heritage American Ale – produces well-balanced beers with low diacetyl and a clean, banana-like nose with some floral hints
  • BrewBoost Zinc Enriched Yeast Nutrient – allows for a safe and complete fermentation through a healthy yeast biomass and a nutrient-balanced wort

“The strong growth of regional and pub craft breweries around the world has increased the focus on localized beers featuring broader diversity, authenticity and heritage that meet what today’s beer drinkers desire,” said Abi Conner, Product Marketing Manager at Country Malt Group. “At CMG, we’re focused on providing brewers and distillers with a one stop shop for their everyday craft beverage ingredient needs. We’re thrilled to add this new Pinnacle Heritage brewing yeast strain selection to our portfolio of yeast and fermentation solutions.”

The new portfolio – planned for sale in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, as well as North America – has performed well in external benchmarking tests versus industry-leading competition. The three yeasts strains represent 80% of beer styles enjoyed by consumers.

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