Introducing Boundary Ale from Moosehead


It’s new, it’s well-crafted and it’s all-Canadian.

Right on time for the great Canadian beer-drinking season comes the arrival of Moosehead Breweries’ new, premium Boundary Ale.

“Boundary Ale will provide our devoted fans with a new beer to add to the Moosehead portfolio,” says Andrew Oland, President and CEO, Moosehead Breweries.  “We believe we brew the best lager in Canada so we wanted to challenge our brewers to brew the best ale in Canada.”

“Boundary is a remarkably well-balanced beer that is slightly sweet with roasted and caramel malt complexity.  It’s flavourful and aromatic with a medium body and smooth citrusy finish,” says JP Auger, Director of Operations, Moosehead Breweries.  Auger and team spent over a year experimenting with carefully selected ingredients before landing on the perfect balance of hops and malts.  The two classic American hop varieties, Cascade and Chinook, provide a slight citrus and floral bouquet. The two quintessential English hop varieties, UK Fuggle and East Kent Golding, give it a subtle earthy, woody, and herbal aroma.  “The combination of seven different malts makes it a well-balanced beer,” he says.

4 Hops, 7 Malts

It’s all in the details when it comes to well-crafted beer.


  • 2 Quintessential English hop varieties – East Kent Golding and UK Fuggle with subtle earthy, woody, and herbal aroma/flavour
  • 2 Classic American hop varieties- Cascade and Chinook with a slight citrus and floral bouquet
  • Pleasant hop bitterness coming in at 39 IBU


  • Brewed with a blend of seven different malts- Pale malt, Carastan, 2 types of Crystal, Munich,Caramel 80L,Black malt andTorrified Wheat

Ale Yeast

  • Fermented using Moosehead’s own ale yeast strain with hints of fruity esters

Colour: 12.5 SRM

Moosehead Breweries encourages beer enthusiasts to give Boundary Ale a try, believing they will notice a marked difference between the signature lager, Moosehead, and the new Boundary Ale.

Boundary Ale will be available in draught in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI and at select retailers in those provinces and the rest of Canada starting September 2013.  From Canada’s oldest independent brewery comes the release of a great tasting ale made by passionate brewers for passionate beer lovers. Cheers from Moosehead.

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