​Cider Corner: New Packaging​ Strategies

Recently, Vander Mill announced a new spin on its ciders by adding 12oz 12-packs in retail. The larger format strengthened the Michigan cidery’s visibility because the brand was kept consistent between the 6-pack and 12-pack, pointed out owner Paul Vander Heide.

“It is a value we pass along to the consumer to allow them to buy a larger package,” he said. “For the retailer, we are helping drive more dollars through their store.”

Vander Mill ​is offering the top three sellers — Totally Roasted (pecan, cinnamon, and vanilla-infused cider), Vandy (session cider) and Hard Apple (original year-round cider) in 12-packs.

When ​Vander Mill made a change to ​its core products by moving them to 12oz cans​ with 6-pack cartons​,​ the intent in purchasing ​a new cartoner was to give ​the cidery flexibility in a machine that could eventually allow ​it to do different size cartons.

​”​We had already planned that we would be doing 12 packs in the future​,” Vander Heide said​. ​”​As is true with all machinery, changing over can be tricky.​”​

These ​new ​12 packs are not replacing anything​ in the portfolio. Instead, they are enhancing ​their core brands.

Like ​its 6​-​pack​ cartons​​ Vander Mill uses​ both pictorial and written messages to quickly and effectively inform the consumer about the flavor profiles of ​its cider products.

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