What’s the Best Social Strategy for Your Company?

For the younger generation, maybe not yet owning breweries, Snapchat has become the new Facebook. While it’s a medium many of us aren’t used to exploring for our marketing, it’s showing strength as a new option.

Brewer Magazine has launched itself into the Snapchat world, and we’ll tell you our opinions as we progress. Many of the largest breweries in the market are already utilizing its power, but at Brewer we haven’t yet seen the benefit.

What it could hold for suppliers like yourselves is a new option to showcase your mission, products and services to the industry. For many of you utilizing marketing agencies, we believe now could be the time to have this discussion — don’t wait until you’re joining with the masses.

Making ground first can truly help your business excel. Remember the companies that utilized Facebook advertising several years ago? They were able to catapult ahead of the competition for a much lower price point. They were able to market their pages and convert those Likes into web visits and sales.

Facebook hasn’t become a dying platform. In fact, for most companies around the world it still maintains a driving point for web conversions. Statistically, it’s the biggest driver online.

Email once had the power of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, and while it’s still a great opportunity to reach clients through third party brands with qualified audiences, it’s not receiving the open and click rates above 90 percent like it did in the late 90s and early 00s.

In the B2B sector where Brewer is located, branding is such a powerful tool. Growing breweries work with brands they are familiar with that they see regularly. Email has quickly become the digital platform for brand awareness among many of our clients. However, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become a great location for branding, but also to tell a story.

Brewer is also on the forefront of utilizing Instagram as a content strategy. While it’s still hard to completely understand the Instagram-website conversion, it’s easy to see that brand messaging on the platform is a viable new solution.

With all that being said, it’s really important to test and analyze all options for your company. One platform or strategy isn’t good enough. You have to work through multiple platforms to ensure a quality return on your investment.

While time is always an issue, a lot of the newer options take very little. A post to Instagram with a message that teases back to your website can take you as little as a few seconds. As many Social Media gurus will state, it’s important to articulate what you want, but not to overthink the strategy. Social is an ongoing strategy, not just a one-time post.

Is Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for your brand? That’s to be determined, but what’s important in this world of social media is that you utilize its capabilities to determine where your audience is, and then develop a content and brand strategy that connects closely to your customer’s needs and desires.

-Tyler Montgomery, Owner/Publisher [email protected]