LJ Star Anti-Galling Clamps Improve Safety, Reliability and Efficiency of Critical Applications

LJ Star offers a line of Anti-Galling Clamps that are specially designed to prevent the adhesion of materials due to friction and to keep processes running smoothly. The full line of Anti-Gall Clamps is produced to the highest hygienic engineering standards and are constantly being updated based on customer feedback and industry requirements.

“If galling occurs on a sanitary clamp, the nut and bolt fuse together so the operator can’t easily remove the clamp,” explained LJ Star Life Sciences National Sales Manager, Jeremy Sheldon. “Quite often, the operator would have to cut off the clamp to remove it. This would likely cause time delays and disrupt the overall manufacturing process.”

With anti-galling clamps, the nut and bolt are made of dissimilar materials so that adhesion, or galling, is less likely to occur. LJ Star’s Anti-Galling Clamps are available in a variety of materials, including 304 and 316 stainless steel. With higher quality and durability than lower-grade stainless, 316 stainless is ideal for demanding applications, including pharmaceutical, food/beverage and biotech applications.

Like all LJ Star sanitary clamps, the Anti-Galling Clamps are BPE compliant, which means they meet one of the highest hygienic engineering standards.

LJ Star also created a patented Anti-Galling Safety Clamp for processes that are subject to  vibrations or installed on a pressurized line. “If your process is experiencing prolonged vibrations or pressure, it would take four times longer for the vibration to loosen the nut enough for the clamp to open,” revealed Sheldon. “The half-threaded bolt on our Anti-Galling Safety Clamp ensures that the clamp stays in place and helps minimize safety issues at your facility.”

All sanitary clamps provided by LJ Star can be made with anti-galling characteristics or a customized sanitary clamp to suit the unique requirements of any critical processing environment.

Additionally, LJ Star will provide a free product sample for testing or conduct testing on behalf of customers. If needed, LJ Star will also provide suggestions for training and preventive maintenance to help operators maximize the performance of their sanitary clamps.

Full product specifications, further details and third-party documentation of standards compliance and product performance are available here, via email [email protected] or by calling 330-405-3040.

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