Ithaca Beer Releasing 2017 Box Hops Variety Pack in 16 oz. Can 8-Pack

Ithaca Beer Company is proudly releasing its annual Box of Hops in 8 packs with two 16 oz. cans of four different brands. The “hopalicious” Box of Hops variety pack is released every October and includes Ithaca’s flagship Flower Power IPA plus three rotating limited one-off IPA’s. In addition to Flower Power, the 2017 Box of Hops includes Pacific Gravity, a zesty citrus Double IPA; Dr. Zaic, Dr. Zaic, a fruity all Mosaic hopped Double IPA and Naked Pilgrim, an unfiltered New England style Double IPA. Ithaca began canning beer in the Spring of this year and is releasing the Box of Hops in 16 oz. can 8 packs for the first time.

In addition to the canned variety pack, each brand will be available in limited draft for select markets. As part of the release, Ithaca Beer will host a series of “Night of the Dank Lord” pub crawls and tap take overs featuring the Box of Hops lineup.

The Spirit of the Finger Lakes, Ithaca Beer Co. was founded in 1998 by Dan Mitchell who continues to independently own and operate the company. Located in Ithaca, NY, the brewery features a 50-barrel brewhouse with a 5-barrel pilot system that produces numerous small batches for its Taproom as well as for special wholesale occasions. Ithaca Beer currently brews approximately 23,000 barrels of beer annually and distributes to 45 wholesalers in 13 states including New York, Pennsylvania, New England, as far west as Ohio and as far south as Delaware.

Earlier this year, Ithaca Beer’s Flower Power was voted “The 25th Most Important Craft Beer Ever Brewed” by Food & Wine Magazine. The vote drew from more than 5,000 breweries and identified brands that spawned, defined and advanced the craft beer movement. The voting base was comprised of 21 experts from across the American beer scene, including legendary brewers like Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman, Boston Beer’s Jim Koch and Dogfish Head’s Sam Caligione, as well as several industry leaders like the Brewers Association’s Julia Herz.

In 2016, Ithaca Beer’s Taproom was chosen as America’s 5th best brewpub in a USA Today reader’s choice poll. Ithaca Beer’s Taproom features a full-service brewpub restaurant serving an eclectic menu that exclusively uses local suppliers as well as numerous vegetables grown on the Brewery’s on-site farm.

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