Dust Bowl Signs with 2 Wholesalers

Great Basin is expanding its beer distribution business from Northeastern Nevada to now include Reno and the surrounding communities. They have acquired Dust Bowl Brewing Company distribution rights from Revel (formerly Barone).

Great Basin Beverage, formerly Digrazia Wholesaler, was founded in the 1930s by Joseph E. Di Grazia. In July 1999, Great Basin Beverage LLC was formed and acquired Digrazia Wholesaler. Great Basin Beverage purchased Alpine Beverage earlier this year. Alpine Beverage was originally established in 2015 by the purchase of D and L Distributing.

“The Dust Bowl team is excited to partner with Great Basin and Alpine,” comments Marc Jalbert, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Both distributors have a great reputation in the market for exceptional customer service. They are progressive in the industry and we’re confident our partnership will grow the Dust Bowl brand in Nevada and California.”

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