Discover How to Lock Down Sales with Brewers

How would you rate your trade show experience at the Craft Brewers Conference? On a scale from 1-10, would you be closer to a 10?

This year the trade show had more than doubled from Portland a year ago. We are now at about 5,000 breweries nationwide — our readership is more than 5500 qualified subscribers — and there is an even larger push for craft brewers around the world.

Today our readers need you more than ever. However, there’s one big issue we’ve heard a lot of you express — it’s impossible to follow up with brewers to close deals!

I’ve heard a ton of you say that you meet owners on the floor, take specs, return home to design a quote and can never get back in touch. That’s not because their business went bad. It’s simply because their business is that good, and growing that fast.

Your biggest issue is actually a good problem for the industry. Brewers are hard to get in contact with because they are brewing — not sitting in offices.

I know, you’re worried and frustrated. But it’s OK. Did you know that Brewer Magazine’s print edition goes directly to your potential customers? You may spend all day and night trying to reach them, but we come into contact with them when you really want their attention — when their kicked back, relaxing, just thinking about how to grow their business.

With the amount of money that’s being circulated through the industry right now, there are great opportunities. But, if you can’t maintain the attention of your customer, you’ll never close your deals.

You’ve got a ton of momentum right now coming of a great trade show. Our May/June issue is going to be in your prospects’ hands in a couple of weeks. Come on board with Brewer and let us help you stay top of mind with your next big sale.


Tyler Montgomery, Owner/Publisher: [email protected]