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Verde Environmental
Verde Environmental
Water is the most important and abundant ingredient in beer; a single beer contains approximately 90% water. As a craft brewer, your No. 1 goal is to produce quality brew that generates a loyal following, and, of course, a profit. And you need clean, pure water to do that. But if your primary focus is brewing great beer, how are you supposed to make time for water management?

At Verde Solutions, we personally tailor wastewater treatment and recovery solutions to each brewery’s budget, operational size and location. From start-up microbreweries, to leading craft breweries, our unique water technologies are proven to:

Lower operational costs
Reduce water usage and your environmental impact
Minimize wastewater
Meet discharge compliance
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Union Engineering
Union Engineering
Union Engineering is world leader in CO2 technology. For further information on solutions to highly skilled brewers and brewers please contact us.

The immediate saturation and improved bonding provided by the Wittemann Pinpoint Carbonator reduces foaming during the transfer of beer. The unique injector plates inside the carbonator brings about immediately CO2 saturation in the liquid - even at low flow rate.

Union Engineering
Turnkey centrifuge systems and the world's best service team

For over 20 years, Trucent has been dedicated to mastering the science of separation. We have provided value to countless industries by purifying, reclaiming and extracting valuable fluids. Now, building upon our deep knowledge and experience, we are introducing our technologies and services to the craft beer industry. Our main technology is the centrifuge. Our main goal is to maximize your potential.

We know our craft, and we sure love yours. Let’s brew something extraordinary, together.
Topper Metal Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Topper Metal Parts Manufacturing Co., a technology manufacturing company with all kinds of precision machining spare parts, products elements, composite processing and supporting services of aided design and development, etc.
China Topper Precision Machining Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in non-standard machining parts in various materials and shapes. Our products include metal parts, machining components, Assembling Components, welding parts, stamping parts, sheet metal parts, Door Hinges, Metal Surface Treatment services. We offer customized service according to your specific needs, in aluminium, stainless steel, brass and other materials, with electrophoresis, electropolishing, electroplating, anodic oxidation or other surface treatment processing. We provide products components for almost every industry in superior quality and welcome to contact us! For more information, please visit
Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd
Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd
threeway steel
Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd is a world-class SSAW steel pipe provider,one of the largest subsidiary in Shinestar Holdings Group Co.,ltd.As the company"s largest export base, we are committed to providing professional one-stop purchase service,excellent quality control, competitive prices, convenient shipping and timely delivery.
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