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Junying Die Casting Mould Manufacturing Company
Junying die casting are excellent on both quality and customer service. We provide all the possible types of the products. We also accept customized orders.
Junying Die Casting Services Supplier has been specialized in die casting and mould making fields for more than decades. It is capable of manufacturing delicate componets as well big size products through different technical process, such as die casting, moulding, cnc machining, etc.

Junying has accumulated rich experiences on producing good quality die casting components and moulds for many industries. We supply aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, mould accessories, cnc machining components, light fixture parts, lock parts and so on. Welcome to visit our site for more information.
Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions
Sales, marketing & management training for craft beer professionals
I teach people how to sell more beer. Not Your Hobby Marketing provides digital courses and customized coaching programs that teach the fundamentals of brewery sales, marketing, team management & distributor/wholesaler management.
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Ruibang Gloves Co., Ltd.
Huzhou Ruibang Gloves Co., Ltd. is an expert China gloves manufacturer.
As an expert China gloves manufacturer, Huzhou Ruibang Gloves Co., Ltd. produces several types of work gloves, they're safety glove, tools glove, mechanic glove and industrial gloves and sport gloves as well as outside gloves, heat gloves, sport glove, fitness glove and fishing gloves. individuals continuously need one thing totally different. we are able to give gloves per client style. you'll be able to decide their designs, colours and sizes. Ruibang makes your work and sport a lot of safe and funny. In our eyes, there area unit 3 things area unit the foremost necessary, quality, believability and customers. owing to these, our gloves area unit fashionable in several places like Europe, us and Japan Markets. If you wish wonderful China gloves, simply contact us!
Sleeve a Message
Sleeve a Message
Sleeve a Message offers drinkable promotional products.
Sleeve a Message produces custom coasters and custom cup sleeves and coasters with extreme flexibility. Our four color variable print capability allows for a “no minimum” order and quick turnaround times. Variable printing is also a unique feature of Sleeve a Message that allows one to print a variety of images in a case of coasters or sleeves for a fortune cookie like experience. Our friendly staff are customer focused and happy to help guide you through the purchase experience.
Sleeve a Message
Sleeve a Message - Coasters
The Lab
The Lab
The Lab is a pilot production facility for beverage creators to brew, ferment, and create prototypes. This versatile, state-of-the-art resource also features a Quality Department with a full-service laboratory. Outsource testing to The Lab to ensure product consistency and quality.
The Lab features a pilot production facility serving as a playground for beverage creators and brewers to create their big ideas. At The Lab, beverage developers can

-Refine recipes on commercial, state-of-the-art equipment
-Trial new ingredients
-Create commercial-quality prototypes and samples
-Gather anonymous customer feedback on recipes from The Lab taproom guests

The Lab features a quality department with a full-service laboratory serving as a solution for partners to outsource testing. Through The Lab, beverage creators have access to equipment and support to ensure product consistency through analytic, microbiological and quality assurance testing.
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