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Hurst Boiler & Welding Co.
Boilers are the energy workhorse of the brewery, winery and disillery, providing the consistent heating source during the fermentation process. Hot water and steam is also utilized for the sterilization of raw product materials, as well as the quality control of the bottling lines and cleaning mandates, Hurst offers a full range of steam and hot water boilers to fit all aspects of the spirits, beer and wine industries.
Rite Boiler
Rite Boiler
Manufacturer of high and low pressure steam boilers
Rite Boilers manufactures a complete line of low and high-pressure steam boilers and related equipment that pair up perfectly with your brewing operations. These rugged, simple-to-maintain boilers have a reputation for reliability and efficiency. What sets Rite apart from other boilers is that Rite Boilers can be inspected and cleaned with ease because they are the only industrial steam boiler that offers full waterside access, allowing the end-user to maintain brand new efficiency for life.
Insulated and hinged head-plates are standard on all Rite steam boilers. Rite also offers automatic stack dampers to conserve energy, boiler feed systems, blowdown tanks, water softeners, chemical treatment, condensate transfer units, boiler stack and automatic timed surface blow-down systems. Rite boilers go from 3 to 300 boiler horsepower, natural gas, propane and diesel fired. Low NOx emissions, skid packages and outdoor boilers are available, too.
Rite Boiler
Rite Boiler
Wabash Power Equipment Company
Boiler Rental Service
Wabash Power boiler rentals is the number one boiler rental service. With locations across the United States we can have your boiler delivered to you within a day. Contact us today.
Wabash Power
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