Blefa Kegs Announces Investment in American Keg

American Keg, LLC of Pottstown, Pennsylvania and Blefa Kegs, Inc. of La Vergne, Tennessee announced that it is joining forces in producing beer kegs ‘made in the USA.’ This agreement ensures accelerated growth in production and employment for American Keg.

Blefa Kegs, Inc. (Blefa) has acquired a major stake in American Keg, LLC (American Keg). With this strategic move, American Keg will be elevated to the next level by accelerating the company’s future growth and the creation of new jobs. The combination of Blefa’s 50-plus years of experience and knowledge in keg manufacturing and American Keg’s entrepreneurial spirit is the perfect fit to improve its production capacity and efficiency.

“I’m very pleased that we could work with Blefa on this investment of equity and know-how,” said Scott Bentley, owner of American Keg. “While I’m proud of establishing American Keg as the only manufacturer of kegs in the US, there is a lot we can learn from Blefa to make our production more efficient. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together.”

His comments were echoed by Paul Czachor, CEO of American Keg.

“I met with several executives and manufacturing specialists from Blefa and together with our staff, I’m anxious to further improve quality and processes.”

“At Blefa, we have always taken great pride in our keg technology, developed in Germany over the last 50 years,” added Alexander Brand, President and CEO of Blefa. “I have been impressed with the expertise that American Keg has developed in just a few years. I’m looking forward to combining our efforts and skills to produce the best kegs in the US working with Scott Bentley, Paul Czachor and their dedicated team.”

Due to the strength of the Pottstown plant at American Keg, and the assistance from a consortium of public officials, led by Peggy Lee-Clark, Executive Director Pottstown Area Industrial Development, all of the investment for the next two years is committed to Pottstown.

“We are excited that Blefa picked Pottstown and American Keg. We look forward to continuing to support the growth of this innovative company,”  said Lee-Clark, who acknowledged help from Senator Bob Mensch, Pennsylvania State Senator 24th District; Commissioner Ken Lawrence, Montgomery County Commissioners; Dave Zellers, Commerce Director-Montgomery County; and Justin Keller, Borough Manager- Pottstown.

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