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China Jiangsu International Group
China Metal Parts Manufacturer & Supplier
China Jiangsu International Group (Jiangsu Tech) is a leading one-stop manufacturing supplier of china metal parts, specializes in metal injection molding (MIM) parts, metal stamping parts, sheet metal parts, forging parts, casting parts, machining parts, welding parts, metal surface treatment, assembling components, and other custom parts.
Metal Parts
Dinerware POS – Rumpf Computer Solutions
Rumpf Computer Solutions is one of the world's largest providers of Dinerware Point-of-Sale.  RCS has positioned itself to provide breweries with a state of the art point of sale system that is customized to a brewery's service environment.  Rumpf Computers is a service and support company first and foremost providing clients with not only one of the most reliable and easy to use POS systems on the market but also a large selection of offerings to assist clients with their business.
Dinerware POS/Rumpf Computer Solutions
Ekos Brewmaster
Ekos Brewmaster
Brewery Management Software
Ekos, a software company with a focus in the craft beverage and associated industries, increases efficiency by automating, standardizing and tracking processes. Ekos enables businesses to store and access all their information – sales, marketing, inventory, finance and more — in one unified system.
K&G Data Solutions
K&G Data Solutions
Brew-Q is K&G Data Solutions’ premier grain-to-glass quality software specifically designed for the brewing industry. We provide customized quality software to breweries of all sizes – from craft beer producers to large scale operations alike.
Kegshoe is simple, manageable, and affordable keg tracking. Know exactly where your kegs are and what's inside them.

With Kegshoe you can:
- Track brewing, shipping, and delivery actions;
- quickly gauge and analyze keg inventory levels;
- ensure timely pickup of kegs, encouraging loss prevention

Kegshoe tracking fits your brewery's workflow and provides the vital data you need, organized how you need it.
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